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In the field of counseling and mental health services, the Learning Perspectives team has always strived to lead in quality staffing and innovative programs. Our core management is an experienced group of clinicians, approaching every aspect of business from an educational background and practical perspective.

The LPI team came together through a shared belief that there is a better way to provide outpatient treatment and training: blending professionalism with compassion; diverse teamwork with positive outcomes, and action with integrity. In all facets of staffing, training and program development, we stress a culture of accountability and accomplishment.

This philosophy guides every aspect of the diverse services we offer. With emphasis in positive behavioral support, LPI’s staff undergoes intensive training, support and certification, while maintaining an exceptionally low turnover level. We pride ourselves on building from within and helping every level of our team achieve long-term success within the company. Consistency, dedication and integrity build our foundation.

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